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February 18, 2009

So, I’m nearly finished with the scarf, see?


Probably another couple of days and it’ll be over with.  Sad to say, as easy as the ‘knit one below’ thing is, and as much fun as the color changes are to watch, after a while it’s as boring as regular stockinette.


Pretty, though.


I think if I was going to make another scarf this way, I’d use one skein of solid yarn and one skein of multi; the transitions of two multicolored yarns are almost too much to take.

As for Oblique, the sleeves are about four inches long now, which is pretty impressive since I haven’t touched them since Saturday.  I’ll get back to them tonight, and hopefully by the end of the month will have them finished.  Sorry I don’t have photos, there’s just not much to see on them right now.

I’m getting a little nervous that I’ll run short of yarn.   Before I started the sleeves I had two full skeins and probably 75% of another.   I’ll definitely have enough for the sleeves, I’m just not sure that I’ll have enough for the button bands and the collar.  And the cuffs.

The pattern calls for almost 5 inches of ribbed cuffs, which are meant to be folded up.  But everyone on Ravelry says that the sleeves are overly long, so between that and my worry about the yarn, I dispensed with the cuffs, started with a provisional cast-on and went straight into the sleeve pattern.

So once I finish the sleeves and see where I’m at, yarn-wise, I can go back and add the cuffs on, tailoring the length accordingly.  Plus, if I don’t have enough yarn to get me through the collar, button bands, and cuffs, I can order another skein of yarn, work all three with the new skein and the sweater will still look okay.


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