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February 10, 2009

Larry had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I had an hour or so of loitering in the lobby uninterrupted knitting time to look forward to.

I couldn’t bring the Oblique sleeves, because I haven’t even wound the yarn for them yet (I hope to do that tonight).  I didn’t want to start another charity hat, because I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it by Thursday.

I settled on a little project I’ve been wanting to try for a while now:  the Inside-Outside Scarf, by Elise Duvekot  (free download here).  It uses a rarely used technique called “knit 1 below”, in which you knit into the stitch below the one you’d usually knit into.

Sounds like a mindblow, right?  It kind of is – but then you get into the swing of things, and go with the flow, and by the time the appointment is over you’ve got five inches done.


So basically you’ve got two skeins going, and you’re alternating skeins each row.  Let’s call them skein A and skein B, okay?

On the rows you’re working with skein A, the stitches you knit-1-below on will be worked in the skein A color, and the stitches you knit regularly will be worked in the skein B color.  So you’re creating vertical stripes, as you can see above.

I’m using Silk Garden, and I wound up the balls so that the color repeats frontways on one, and in reverse on the other – that’s what she recommends so that the colors will change differently in each vertical stripe.

I’m looking forward to the next color change – the first one (greyish-purple to blue) just looks like the bottom of the scarf is dusty.  I also think this technique would work wonderfully when one skein is self-striping but the other is solid.

I’ve got my guild meeting this week, and then knitting lunch on Friday, so this is my travelling project until further notice.  At the rate its going it won’t take very long…

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