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February 2, 2009

I *finally* finished the baby blanket this weekend:



I ran out of yarn about 2 inches shy of the end, and since I couldn’t be sure about dye lots (although they look pretty identical to my eye), I added a ruffled border to both ends, and called it a day.  It looks a little disproportional, but it’s 36×26, so it’s not bad.  I figure most of the time it’s going to be folded in half anyhow.

I finished it about 2 minutes before the kickoff to the Superbowl, so I gave myself a break and concentrated on the food; I didn’t knit during the game at all.  I’ll begin the other front piece of the sweater tonight.

I made another batch of pretzels yesterday; they still don’t look like the big soft pretzels you get at the baseball game, but they taste pretty good nonetheless.


I’m trying out a new dinner recipe tonight; I’ll give you a full report tomorrow, okay?

We finally put the Peep’s bigwheel together this weekend (we got it for him for Christmas).  He’s so cute with it I almost don’t mind what he’s doing to my baseboards and furniture.


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