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January 30, 2009

Work has been kicking my tail these last few days.  The weekend cannot start quickly enough.

Not that we have any grand plans.  We have the usual errands to run.  I have to finish the baby blanket – I must finish the baby blanket – the baby arrived on Tuesday, for heaven’s sake.   I have about six inches to go, so there’s really no reason to not finish it.

Once that’s done, I can start the other front piece to Oblique; there are no other projects hanging over my head at the moment.

Wellll, except for some charity knitting for my guild meeting….but that’s not til the 12th; plenty of time to knock out a few children’s hats, right?

And we’ve been talking about starting the garden seeds soon – last year we started them on March 15th, and Larry has this grand theory about starting them even earlier.  So we bought a new growlight and some deep-root seed trays, and I think we’re gonna start some this weekend.   The tomatoes and the peppers, anyway.

Beyond that, I heard something about some big football game on Sunday, so we’ll probably watch some of that.  I’m just in it for the commercials nowadays; I can’t stay up late enough to watch the whole game.  The commercials, and the snacks.

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