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January 28, 2009

An old house is like a living thing: if you neglect it for any length of time, it suffers – and generally you suffer as well.

Although we put in a new boiler when we bought the house, the rest of the heating system – pipes, radiator, etc – is old. Like 90 years old, old. So if you don’t keep a close eye on the water level on the boiler, you stand to wake up one morning to a meat locker of a house.

Like today, for instance.

It was 59 upstairs at 7:30, 48 downstairs. Larry ran down and added water to the boiler, and now (8:30) it’s up to 65 upstairs.

But since upstairs runs 5-10 degrees warmer at the best of times, I’m not going downstairs anytime soon.

Me and the Peep are cuddled up in my bed with the heating pad, watching Noggin. I’ve got coffee, he’s got juice, the bathroom’s up here…I think we’ll be just fine.

[update: at 9:05 it’s 68 upstairs, 53 downstairs]

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