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December 30, 2008

I hope you had a wonderful holiday last week; we did.

On Christmas Eve morning, we went downstairs to find that Jake the Elf had delivered our annual Christmas Eve new pajamas:


(Larry’s pants match the rest of us, although you can’t tell here)

We went to Larry’s mom’s for dinner Christmas Eve, and when we came back, Jake was gone!  In his place was a present for the Peep, which we let him open right away:  a kids digital camera.  (sorry for not having photos of either Jake or the present, maybe I’ll have the presence of mind next year to remember that)

Before we went to bed put out snacks for Santa (animal crackers) and the reindeer (celery and a carrot) and hung the stockings.


When we woke up, the plate was in a completely different place, and there were only scraps left.


And as for the stockings,


filled to the brim, one and all.

Everyone got lots of great presents.  Larry and the Peep sported their matching socks on Christmas day.



As for me, I got some beautiful jewelry (sorry, no photos), and some great knitterly stuff, too:

img_5086 I’m especially excited about that book on the right; can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Larry got me a new charm for my charm bracelet:


And my sister-in-law got me this superlative package:


a learn to spin kit from Golding, along with all sorts of instructions, a beautiful drop spindle, and enough smoke grey roving to make a hat or a pair of mittens.


The photos don’t do justice to either the roving or the spindle; they are absolutely gorgeous!

There was actually knitting last week, too, but more about that later.


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