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December 10, 2008

I’m almost finished with the first of the pair of socks I’m making for Larry; I’ve got about 10 rows to go and the bindoff.  I’m going toe-up because I want to be sure I don’t run out of yarn, and I think there will be about a yard left after I finish this first one.

Last night I started thinking about the bindoff.  The last time I made toe-up socks I had to redo the bindoff about three times before I got the cuff stretchy enough to fit my foot through, and I’m not inclined to do that again.

So I looked through a few of my knitting books, and I think I’ve settled on trying the sewn-off bindoff, as invented by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Stay tuned for that.

After that, I think I’m going to take a quick break and whip up a few little quick projects – my nephew needs a new hat, for one thing, and there are a couple of small projects I want to square away in time for Christmas.  For that matter, here are a couple of babies coming in late January/early February that need knitwear, but Larry wanted the socks for Christmas, so it’s the two small projects and then back to the second sock.  It’s not that the socks are overly complicated or anything, they’re just big.  I’m used to making socks for myself or for kids – man-sized socks are killing me right now.

The real trouble is, I’ve got the itchies –  I want to make a new cardigan!  and some socks!  and maybe mittens!  I’ve got all this yarn in the stash, too – I don’t even need to buy yarn for anything!

Sigh… we’ll see how things go, I guess.

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