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December 3, 2008

Have I told you that the Peep likes to play videogames?  Well, technically he likes to watch Larry play videogames, but still.  It’s extremely cute seeing the two of them huddled together over the Nintendo DS.



Yesterday afternoon, as we were walking to the car at twilight, he looked up and saw the moon.  He likes to see the moon, looks for it everytime we’re outdoors, even at noontime.  “The moon is like a semicircle, Mama!”.  I pointed out Jupiter and Venus just below, told him they are planets.  “I see the moon and planets”.

A few minutes later I looked in the rearview mirror and saw him peering out the window.  “What do you see?” (we play this game a lot in the car).  “I can’t see it!”.  “See what?”.  “The earth, Mama, I can’t see the earth”.  “Honey, we’re on the earth, we can’t see it while we’re on it”.  “The earth is a circle Mama.  And it spins!”

How does he know these things?

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