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December 1, 2008

I made a 14-pound turkey this year, and we had plenty of leftovers.  But we aren’t big fans of turkey sandwiches, so what to do with it all?


On Friday I made my leftover-special meatloaf – it’s basically a classic meatloaf recipe crossed with this recipe from Giada DiLaurentis, and which I’ve tweaked a bit over the years.

Sometime last week I saw a leftover-themed show on Food Network, and one of the guys made bubble-and-squeak.  I’ve had it before, but only ever seen it in a large pan-sized patty cut into triangles, whereas his were individual patties – great idea!  Again, I started with his basic theory, and messed with it a little – I didn’t add any meat, for one thing, and did add some of the butternut squash to the mix.   It was fantastic!  I’ll definitely make it again, and probably won’t wait til next November.

Add to that the last of the green beans, and that’s a pretty square meal.

Saturday morning we had the last can of quick-bake biscuits and the gravy for breakfast.  And then Sunday we had turkey cacciatore, in which I simply substituted the leftover turkey for chicken thighs, and which frankly wasn’t spectacular (I blame the turkey), and I may not try that again.

But at any rate, we’re pretty much at the end of the leftovers, with nary a sandwich in sight.  There’s still some meat on the carcass, which is in the fridge, but I’m all turkeyed out, so I’ll pass that along to my dad and he’ll probably make soup out of it.

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