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November 20, 2008

Sorry for being so lame this week; I’m on vacation next week, and I’ve been trying to get everything squared away at work before I go.  And then at home I’m trying to get the foundations in place for Thanksgiving, house cleaning and so forth, so that I’m not a maniac all next week.  Both of which make for busy days and busy nights, with nothing exciting to report on either front.

And even though I promised some all sorts of knitting and home renovation photos, alas, I haven’t taken any of them yet.  So please accept my apologies, and stay tuned.  On the plus side, by the time I take the photos, I will have more finished objects to show, so there will be a slew of them to look forward to.

In other news, we’ve made some big strides in the potty training department.  I spent much of the weekend running up the stairs to the bathroom with the Peep, and he used the potty successfully every time.  He’s totally got the hang of it now, but will still only go when he’s asked “wanna use the potty?”, he has never once volunteered the information that he needs to go – if we don’t ask, he’ll just go in the diaper/pull-up.  And still hasn’t pooped on the potty.

Nonetheless, progress is progress, and I’m hoping that we’ll make even more progress over the next week, since I’ll be home with him.  Perhaps we’ll be in pull-ups by the new year?  Keep your fingers crossed for us, please.

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