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November 17, 2008

A nice weekend for us.  Larry has made serious progress on the spare room – I know I owe you photos on that, I’ll post some soon, I promise – and hopefully we’ll get it painted before the holiday.  Or maybe over the holiday weekend.  Either way, the end is in sight.

We ran a couple of errands, but mostly stayed pretty close to home.  Saturday was unseasonably warm but rainy, while Sunday was a clear but blustery day.   On the plus side, almost all of the trees are bare now, so there’s only one more afternoon of raking leaves to go.

I’m almost done with the Christmas shopping, all of the buying for all the nieces and nephews is done, and most of the adult shopping too.   I’ve got most of the shopping done for Larry’s birthday (it’s coming right up), but none of his Christmas shopping.  Of course, since he really has to shop only for my Christmas presents (the rest are my responsiblity), he hasn’t started yet – I suspect he doesn’t even have any ideas yet.

Just one more difference between him and me – I start my gift-idea list shortly after Christmas ends (but you already know how I am with lists), and add things throughout the year – it comes in handy for birthday-shopping, too.  He, on the other hand, scurries around at the last minute.

Of course, being so prepared for Christmas comes with a price; aside from modifying the stuffing recipe, we haven’t done a thing to prep for Thanksgiving.  That particular frenzy will begin this week…

As for knitting, the birthday hat will be done today – look for some photos tomorrow, and more later in the week (as well as the story of why the photos will come in two batches).  I also knit up a hat for CC’s charity drive, and finished a scarf for it this morning (it’s been my at-work project).

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