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November 14, 2008

It was quite a night at the ol’ knitting guild last night.

We had a guest speaker, Susan Kenna of ArtFelt Creations.  She talked about needle-felting, and about how she started her business.  I’d never seen needle-felting – nor anything that had been needle-felted – and it really is an amazing thing.  I would have expected the pieces to be very heavy and dense, since they’re solid wool, but no – they’re lighter than air.  And beautiful!  Click that link to take a peek.

Then we learned that one of our members (Jan, whose last name or even Ravelry ID I don’t have, shame on me) has had patterns published in no less than two knitting books – 101 Luxury One-Skein Wonders and Knitting For Good – kudos to you, Jan!

I also sat next to a woman who’s been working entrelac lately.  Entrelac is a beautiful technique that seems to defy all of the laws of knitting, and it’s been on my want-to-learn list for quite a while now.  It’s hard to explain to non-knitters, so just look at this, okay?

See?  Crazy intricate and complicated, right?  She tells me it’s easy, though, and says she’ll bring an in-progress piece with her to the next meeting, so I can see the mechanics of it.  Which is perfect, since entrelac and fair-isle are on my list for 2009.

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