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November 10, 2008

It is definitely the height of autumn here; the leaves are rustling underfoot, the air is crisp, the sun (when it’s out) makes the trees absolutely sparkle…this is my favorite time of year.


We planted this tree when the Peep was six months old.  It’s about seven feet tall, and I don’t think it’ll get much taller, although I’m hoping it will fill out over time.  It’s one of the less popular types of Japanese Maple (most of the others have reddish-purple leaves), with has green leaves with red just at the tips.  That’s fine with me, though – the crazy orange leaves in fall more than make up for the lackluster summer foliage.

We have another (smaller) one out in the backyard, a laceleaf variety with the standard red leaves.  I’ll try to take a photo of that this week for you.

We didn’t do much this weekend; aside from a few errands we mostly stayed put.

On Saturday I made a trial-run version of my Thanksgiving stuffing.  I use the same recipe every year, and every year I wish I’d tried making it with less eggs (the recipe calls for five!), because it’s more of a custardy-bread pudding than a stuffing.  So this weekend I made it with only three eggs, and a cup less of chicken broth (cutting that down to six cups).  Much MUCH better.  Whew.

I did a baked chicken breast thing for dinner to go with the stuffing, but (just like Thanksgiving) there was still a ton left.  Yesterday we had another round of it with dinner, and on Wednesday I’ll make meatloaf (I put a layer of stuffing in the middle of my meatloaf), and if there’s any left after that I’ll send it over to my parents.  Which sounds awful, I know, but my Dad is like a billy goat – he’ll happily eat almost anything, regardless of age or provenance.

I also finished Christmas sock pair number 5, and started pair number 6 – look for photos of those later this week.

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