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October 30, 2008

I think we’re a bit overdue on a Peep update post, don’t you?

The Peep is now two and a half.  He is slightly over 3 feet tall, and around 28 pounds, making him both taller and thinner than average.

He knows his letters and numbers, and we’re working our way into counting in Spanish now.

He’s been going to a playgroup once a week (he calls it “school”), and loves being around other kids – he’s easing his way into actually playing “with” other kids.

He loves being outside, even if it’s just to sit on the porch for a while.

His favorite toys are still his Thomas and Friends trains, although lately he’s been on a building-block kick – he loves to build tall towers and then run his cars through them.

He’s developed a stubborn streak (can’t imagine where he gets that from), and has become intimately acquainted with the Time-Out chair.  We’re almost to the point where the threat of time-out is enough to stop him in his tracks…almost.

He knows perfectly well how to use the potty, although he does so only when he’s in the mood.  We ask him several times a day “wanna go on the potty?” and once in a while he’ll say “yep!” (“Yep” is his new favorite response, by the way.)

He’s been on a major Kipper binge lately, watching the three videos we have for hours on end.  Between this, and the Thomas influence, he’s got quite a British flair to his vocabulary.  He says things like “Oh bother!” and “Oh fiddlesticks!”.

He can be quite a ham sometimes.

And an absolute joy all the time.

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