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October 23, 2008

Sorry for the lack of juicy posts over these past few days; usually it’s either personal stuff getting in the way of work stuff or vice versa, but lately it’s been some – a lot – of both.

I feel like I’m drowning, so much to do, a limited time to get everything done, and no real motivation to do any of it.  I’m not sick or anything, just feeling very run-down and very put-upon.  Feh.

I’m sure it’ll pass soon.

Anyway, the Peep’s foot is better now, he’s only favoring it a little bit, which is a relief.

Christmas knitting is chugging along.  I just turned the heel on the second sock in the second pair of Christmas socks, bringing the tally to 3 1/2 socks complete out of a total of 12.

I’m leaving the office early today for a haircut and color, and with a little luck, some much-needed alone time.  Even if it’s just sitting in the car while I’m waiting to meet Larry, it’ll be better than nothing.

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