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October 9, 2008

While I was watching the morning news yesterday, the weather lady mentioned that there was a “possibility” of frost for us.  Sure enough, when I went outside to check the (very neglected) vegetables, they had that telltale look of doom.  It wasn’t a killing frost, but you know that look – it means the garden’s days are numbered.

So I picked what I could of the tomatoes and peppers, and they’ll just have to ripen up in the house.  I had okay luck last year with the paper bag method, but I’ve heard good things about the newspaper method too, I might try that.

Between this, the other tomatoes on the counter, and the six containers of oven-dried, pureed tomatoes I have in the fridge, I’m thrilled at the production we got out of a shamefully neglected 10’x2′ garden bed.

I didn’t pull any unripe cherry tomatoes.  The Peep had a bowlful while I was out there picking through the plants, and if there isn’t a killing frost between now and Saturday when I’ll turn over the whole thing I’ll take what’s ripe and leave the rest.

The Peep also had a bowlful of raspberries while we were out there – those don’t seem to have been affected by the frost at all.

We don’t have enough for preserves this year, but we’ve gotten a handful pretty much every day, which is nothing to sneeze at.

I also wanted to show you my latest Etsy gems.  I stumbled across this artist’s shop a while ago, and have been watching and watching the beautiful things come and go.  Finally, since my birthday is in a couple of weeks, I decided to indulge myself.

She calls it a ‘Mindful Cup’, and I love every little thing about it.  I love the concept behind it – that because the bottom of the cup is pointy, it can only be supported by the saucer, so you can’t stray very far from it.

I love the elegant simplicity of the design.  I love the way the cloud wraps over the top and into the inside.


Then, feeling a twinge guilty, I bought this for Larry:

It’s a Hot Cocoa cup.  He drinks a lot of cocoa in the wintertime.  Plus spent our honeymoon on the Mayan coast of Mexico, and he’s got an affinity for the Mayan motifs, so this was perfect.  It even came with a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Besides, look at those little feet!

It is not without detail on the inside, either.

So seriously, if you haven’t checked out etsy yet, please, go and take a stroll.

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