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October 6, 2008

We finally planted the bulbs out front on Saturday – all 300 of ’em!  There’s still no frost in the forecast, so hopefully they’ll have a good couple of weeks get settle in.  If 100 of them bloom, I’ll consider it a grand success.  Now I’ve pretty much done away with all of the grass out front; just need to find a few midsummer-blooming, low spreading perennials and we’ll be all set.

Even without frost in the forecast, it’s been getting pretty nippy at night – last Friday it was 64 in the house at about 7, so I broke down and we turned on the heat.  I always shoot to keep it off til Columbus Day, but this is the closest we’ve gotten in years (for those not living in Massachusetts, Columbus Day is the 13th).

Between the time it took Larry to turn over the soil out front, and the time it took me to work out the spacing and plant the bulbs, it was early afternoon by the time it was done.  After a quick shower and despite a trip to the grocery store, we realized we needed a few necessitites, so we put the Peep in the wagon and headed out to get them.

Note the necessities there in front:  a box of wine, and a pie.  Real classy, huh?

On Sunday we went apple picking.

Alas, no hot cider, and no cider donuts, either.  But we ate our fair share of apples,

and we got pumpkins!

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