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October 3, 2008

I’ve still been battling this stupid cold all week.  I haven’t missed any work, though, and I’ve more or less kept up with the house; we’ve even had real dinners all week.

I’m actually feeling better today.  Huzzah!  But I still opted for comfy playclothes:  jeans, a tee shirt, and a hoodie.

But it’s a pretty nice hoodie…

I got it a while ago from J. Crew with one of my Christmas giftcards, and have been dying to wear it…it’s nice and cozy and warm, perfect for a crisp fall day.

Another byproduct of feeling lousy all week is that I haven’t really been knitting…I’m a couple of days behind schedule on the Hanami, and ditto for the socks (although I have the sock with me today and am hoping to do a little work on it at lunchtime).  I’m deep into the mostly-stockinette part of the Hanami though, and it does go quickly when I can work on it – last night I got through 18 rows in about 90 minutes, which is a pretty brisk pace.  So hopefully I can get myself back on track this weekend.

Also on tap this weekend is a trip to one of the local farms, for apple and pumpkin picking.  And hopefully some hot cider and maybe, if I’m very lucky, apple cider donuts, which are my all-time favorite.

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