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September 26, 2008

Three Things I’ve Learned About Cars in the Past 24 Hours:

1.  Subcompacts aren’t as small as they used to be – even at almost 6’5″, Larry has plenty of legroom/headroom in the rental car.

2.  All automotive cupholders are not created equal – my coffee bounced around in the rental’s cupholder, and even spilled a little.  It wasn’t even an odd-sized cup, just your standard 10-ounce paper cup (we buy them by the case at Costco).

3.  I am totally spoiled by satellite radio and podcasts – being limited to what Larry calls ‘terrestrial radio’ has been sucky.

These are all things that will be taken into consideration the next time I’m car shopping.  Which hopefully won’t be for another couple of years (knock on wood).

Thankfully, my car has been repaired (new battery, new battery connections) and I’ll be exchanging the zippy, immaculate 2008 Kia Spectra for my stodgy, grimy and beloved 2001 PT Cruiser later this afternoon.

The weather’s supposed to be crummy all weekend (it’s pretty nasty today, too), so no major plans for us.  We did get our fall shipment from the seed company – 300+ bulbs! – so hopefully we’ll be able to get those into the ground on Sunday.

Other than that, and laundry, there will be knitting.  I am exactly halfway through the Hanami stole, and am also just about to turn the heel on the second Christmas sock.  Provided it does stop raining on Sunday, I’ll take updated project photos and will share them on Monday.

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