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September 25, 2008

Sublime: Feeling well enough to return to the office today.

Ridiculous: Getting there TWO HOURS LATE because my car wouldn’t start!

Granted, I was running late before I even knew the car was dead; Larry was too, so I was going to drive him to work on my way.  I get into the car, turn the key, and >click click click< the farce begins.

“Uh oh”, says I.  “Try it again”, says Larry.

>click click click<

“Maybe it’s because it’s on the slope (of the driveway)”, says Larry.  “Put it in neutral and let it roll down to the flatter part.”  Neutral, roll.  >click click click<

“A little further down”, says Larry.  A little further.  >click click click<

But now the car is half in the driveway, half in the street, and blocking the sidewalk.

“I guess I’ll just call triple-A”, says I.  “But don’t you think it’s sticking out a little too far?”

“Yeah, maybe.  Put it in neutral, I’ll push it back into the driveway”, he says.

Now, I ask you, dear readers:  If the driveway slopes enough that merely putting the car in neutral rolls it down into the street, will one mortal (even if he’s pretty hunky like Larry) really be able to push said car back up said slope?

(It is times like that I wish we had a surveillance camera mounted on our porch roof…)

Because every time I took my foot off the brake, the car rolled a little further into the street, making me worry about Larry’s health and well-being.  Then I’d put on the brakes to save his skin, and he’d mistake the car’s inertia for forward progress and begin pushing.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

We were both getting a little annoyed, and yet giggly at the same time.  Finally he admitted defeat, and took himself off to work.  I went back inside and made all the necessary phone calls to a) get the car transported to the mechanic, b) warn the mechanic of the car’s imminent arrival, and c) secure an alternate form of transportation.

I’m reasonably certain that the starter is the problem, especially since the tow truck driver tried for about a half-hour to jump start it, also hitting the starter-to-battery connection with a broomstick handle (seriously!  he says sometimes jigging the connection fixes the problem).

That, and the fact that the mechanic told me he wasn’t going to be able to even look at it until later in the afternoon, compelled me to get a rental.  Hopefully it’ll only be today and tomorrow, but I do NOT want to be stranded at home all weekend, you know?

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