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September 23, 2008

Still sick, still working at home.  Nuff said.

Remember last week when I was moaning on about dresses, and my lack thereof?  My trusty readers have come to my rescue.

First, blogless Carolyn took a little walk with me to the local discount store, where I found I nice black crepe and velvet number – for $10.  The only downside is that it’s got a teardrop opening in front and low low armholes, so not only must I go braless, the compass rose that is tattooed on my sternum is perfectly centered in the opening.  I’m thinking that judicious application of boob-tape might ah, alter the landscape so that the dress will fall differently, which might be okay, but I don’t have any on hand (shocking, I know) to try it on.  I wonder if they sell any at Target…

Then, after I posted, Miss Norty left me a comment with a tip to check in with good old Johnnie Boden.  I’ve ordered a bunch of things from them before (mostly playclothes for myself and the Peep), but never thought about checking there for a dress.  So I did, and broke down and ordered two:

Fixed Wrap Jersey Dress, from BodenUSA

Vintage Tie-Back Dress, from BodenUSA

Both seem nice, can probably be dressed-up or dressed-down, which I like, and are a departure from my normal all-black evening wear.  Boden has a promo on right now offering free returns, so whichever one I like less I’ll send back.

Then, to top it all off, Veronica decides to dedicate an entire post to my hour of need, and, in the process, finds six contenders and two absolute winners:

Octavia Day Dress, from White House Black Market

Octavia Day Dress, from White House Black Market

ruby ribbon dress, from French Connection

ruby ribbon dress, from French Connection

Both are on clearance, to boot.  But as regular readers should know by now, I’m not that lucky.   My size is out of stock in both.

I’m expecting the Boden dresses to arrive early next week; stay tuned for a full debrief.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even take a picture of the teardrop dress…

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