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September 18, 2008

For the first time this fall, I’m wearing handknit socks today.

There’s a frost advisory for the western part of the state tonight, and while the frost isn’t quite on the pumpkin here yet, the air is definitely getting a little crisper, and you know that the wool-wearing season is coming soon.

Out in the yard, though, everything is doing just fine.

The sedum opened up over the weekend.

Out front the Lucifer is almost in full bloom.

We have a couple of pounds of tomatoes already in the freezer (this year I’m using the oven-dried-and-pureed method I read about here), with a good few more still on the vine.  None of the peppers have turned red yet, but they’re big enough to pick now if I want to use them green.

And we’re obviously still getting raspberries every day.

There’s been knitting, too.  I’m halfway through the first section of the Hanami, which means I’m a quarter of the way through the whole thing.

Which is a little worrisome, since this piece is only 10 inches long.

On the plus side, there’s a ton of bounce to this fabric, and holding all four corners I easily stretched it out to 15 inches yesterday.  15 times four makes 60 inches, which is longer than my Twinings is.  Which makes me think that it’ll be fine once it’s finished and blocked.

I’m starting to doubt that it’ll be finished in time for the wedding in October, but we’ll see.

I also started the second Christmas sock last night while watching Project Runway.  If I continue giving the holiday knitting an evening or two a week it’ll all be done in plenty of time.

By the way, although everyone (in New England, at least) knows what it means when someone says the frost is on the pumpkin, I’d never read the poem it came from until today.  On the other hand, I’ve known the other version for years.

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  1. preita permalink
    September 18, 2008 11:57 am

    Don’t under estimate the powers of blocking! It will grow perfectly! Great color, looks beautiful 🙂

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