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September 17, 2008

Last week I read a blog post that contained the following statement:

Most working moms I know run their homes with the precision of a military operation because they have to…As much as we like to think we’ve got this working mom thing nailed, we’re all just one stomach bug away from unbridled chaos.

You guys, it is so true.  I’ve been sick these past few days – I started feeling lousy on Saturday, staggered into the office on Monday, and after a night battling a 100+ degree fever, I finally bit the bullet and called in sick yesterday.

When the little guy is sick, things don’t go too badly; I can focus on him and pick up the slack around the edges.  Ditto for when Larry is sick – actually it’s easier when he’s sick, because he just goes to bed and shuts the door, and its business as usual in the rest of the house.  But when I’m sick, everything screeches to a halt.

Now, I’m lucky in that I work at home on Tuesdays anyway, it’s just me, the Peep, and my trusty laptop.

Which meant that yesterday I was in a bind.  My mother, who cares for the Peep on the days I’m in the office, usually schedules her various appointments for her “day off”.  Luckily she and my dad were able to take him off my hands for most of the morning so I could get some rest.  And I did.  I feel better today, but not all better; I’m working at home for the morning and will head into the office shortly. (I wish they made full-strength non-drowsy cold medicine that doesn’t make me feel like I’m on speed, though; I’m making do with Advil today.)

So all of the myriad things that generally happen on Tuesdays, didn’t.  No laundry got done.  No dinner was made (thank goodness for leftovers and mac n cheese in the blue box).  The Peep was off his schedule, so he didn’t get a nap – which meant he went to sleep early, but it also meant he was a cranky wrecking-machine from about 6pm til 8.

I predict that the rest of the week will be spent picking up the pieces from it all … one small sick day for Mama, one giant mess for the whole household.

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