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September 8, 2008

So much for Saturday being a gloomy dreary day – it was actually bright and humid, if not sunny, most of the day.   The rain swept in around 2, and then was off and on til well after I fell asleep.

Freaking out by the forecast, though, we scrambled to get all the errands done early in the day.  We went to the library and the grocery store, and were still home before noon.

Undeterred by the humid weather, I made chicken cacciatore, and even included one of my zucchini pucks from last summer.  It was delicious, and I got a little carried away with the makings; there are two more containers of it in the fridge.  They say the week is going to get progressively cooler, so those’ll come in handy.

I started the Hanami, too.

Here’s the crochet hook I used for the beaded cast-on.  It’s like a dental tool for squirrels, it’s so small.

And here are the beads.

They may not seem to quite match the yarn,

But once they’re on the piece they work together nicely.  See?

The beaded cast-on took me an hour and a half, but since then it’s been pretty straightforward.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an easy pattern, but it’s well-written and well-charted, and as long as you’re paying attention to things, it moves right along.  I did the math, and I’ll need to work 12 rows a day to get the wrap finished for the wedding next month, and I think that’s doable.

I’m also almost finished with the first Christmas sock.  In this photo I’d just finished the heel gussets, and now I’m almost ready for the toe decreases.

That’ll be one sock down, nine to go.  All for children, so it should be okay.  I doubt I’m going to get all the Christmas knitting done in September as I’d planned, but I should have it all done by Halloween or so.

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