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August 11, 2008

The weather did not cooperate enough for us to get to the pond this past weekend; hopefully this coming Saturday will work out.

On Friday night we observed the opening Olympic ceremonies with an international flair (kudos to Carolyn for the idea):  for dinner, Chinese takeout and Italian Pinot Grigio.  And during the ceremonies themselves, a nice tall White Russian (which is also international, containing as it does Kahlua from Mexico and Vodka from Sweden).

I picked up the second sock to work on it during the broadcast, and promptly put it back down.  And then away.  The opening spectacle was nothing short of staggering.  I hope you watched it; if not, I hope you can find a rebroadcast somewhere.  It was truly, truly breathtaking.

And long.  So long that I fell asleep shortly after the Americans walked through the parade of nations, and missed the lighting of the torch.

On Saturday we ran a couple of errands, then brought the Peep to Larry’s mother’s house, and we had Date Night.

This particular Date Night was pretty eventful, actually.  We went to the mall, and I finally used some of my Christmas gift cards.  Oh, and we bought iphones.  Yes, I know we’re dorks.

And then it was on to dinner.  This week is the fourth anniversary of our engagement, and while we don’t do anything big to mark the occasion, since Date Night fell so nearby, I thought it would be nice to go back to the scene of the crime.  Being next door to the mall, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to talk Larry into it.

We got there before dinner service even began (not sure if that makes us pathetic, lame, or just old), so we started off at the bar, and by the time we were ready to order I was pretty settled in (two quick blackberry-lime-rickeys will do that to a girl), so we just ate at the bar.   The food and the service was as superlative as ever, and a good time was had by all.  After dinner we picked up the Peep and headed home.

We fiddled around in the backyard for a while yesterday while the sun was out.  It went in just after lunchtime, and started raining shortly thereafter.  That’s when I got most of my weekend knitting done:  I turned the heel on the sock, and will probably finish it up tomorrow night.

Despite an almost complete lack of attention, the vegetables are coming along nicely:  there are green tomatoes on most of the plants, and the peppers all have buds.  A little late on all counts, but better than nothing.

I gave the salvia and sage plants in the front yard a much-needed trim, too.  The raspberries are in a lull, although there are many many unripe berries out there; they’re gearing up for the late-summer harvest.

Oh, and the house is coming along too.

We’re in the home stretch at last —  another round of trim paint here, a couple of patch jobs there, a little brick-wall demolition, and rebuilt garage doors, and we’ll be all set.

It’s a far cry from where we began, for sure.

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