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July 11, 2008

We were watching television the other night, and we saw a hotel-chain commercial.  The family in the commercial wanted to take a summer vacation, but they couldn’t decide where to go.  So using their criteria (they had to be within a 500-mile drive of the place, it had to have outdoor activities, and it had to have one of those hotel-resort-chains), each family member put their idea into a hat, and they picked one (San Diego won).

I thought it was a pretty good idea, generally speaking.  We have a weeklong getaway coming up in a couple of weeks, for our annual family vacation, but aside from that, we don’t have any vacation travel planned for this year:  gas prices are high, the house is eating up our finances, and Larry doesn’t like to fly; it all adds up to staying pretty close to home.  And yet, we don’t want to spend the summer parked in front of the television (time enough for that in winter).

A while back we made a list of places we’d like to visit/thing we’d like to do this year.  The general guidelines were that they had to be places that were within an hour of home and wouldn’t require an overnight stay.  Originally we thought a daytrip a month would be good, from say, April through October.  The Aquarium was on the list.  So was the Thomas day, and even the Spinners game.

Well, here we are in July, and there are still eight or nine things/places on that list.  There’s no way we can pull off all of them this year (not to mention, the pressure of trying to cram them all in would be a major buzzkill, and defeats the whole purpose).  On the other hand, how to choose which ones to do and which ones to let go?

So earlier this week I wrote each one of the ideas onto a strip of paper, and put the balled-up strips into a mug.  I figure every Thursday we’ll decide whether we want to take a day trip over the weekend, or stick around and go to the swimming hole.  If we decide a day trip is in order, we’ll pick out of the mug.

(why Thursday, you ask?  because I’m a planning fool, and will require at least 24 hours to get organized)

We pulled the first one last night.  Tune in Monday for a full report.

And in case you’ve been wondering what the Peep’s been up to, he’s been helping the builders (aka playing in the mud in the backyard)

And running through the sprinklers afterwards.

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  1. July 11, 2008 2:37 pm

    Have fun!

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