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July 7, 2008

As expected, we didn’t do much this weekend; we mostly puttered around the house and yard.

We found a nice high hill near our house where we could see the skyline clearly, but the Peep wasn’t digging the whole “standing around on a random sidewalk after 10pm” thing, so ultimately we watched the fireworks on television.

I took a little inventory of the backyard perennial bed, and have decided that only one of the echinacea plants survived the winter.  I’ll plant more this fall.  The sedum is thriving, though, and is spreading nicely.  I may buy more of them as well.

I also planted some Mexican sunflower seeds this spring, and those are just about to bloom.  No photos until they do.  There’s also a ton of an unidentified ground cover back there, which was threatening to take over the sedum, so I had to do a little weeding back there.

The Peep provided moral support while Larry held forth with the camera.

I finished the Shifty socks on Thursday evening.

I’m really happy with the stitch pattern, and am coming to grips with the pooling nature of most of the sock yarns I have.  At least this pair has pooling on both socks – usually my socks have one that pools and one that stripes.  These were for my mother (we wear the same size), and she took possession of them today.

I’m already midway through the next sock, but have no photos to show for it.

Tonight is the Stitch n Pitch event at the Lowell Spinners (Spinners, get it?).  It should be a great time, and a bunch of my friends are coming too.  Expect a full report tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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