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June 30, 2008

Fun Day was a lot of fun.  Despite getting soaked by a crazy thunderstorm (think: sixty-odd people crammed under an 8×8 awning), the daytime part was a pretty good time.  And the night-time part, with everybody’s families and incredible food, was even better.  Of course I don’t have any photos to prove it, but just trust me.

On the home front, these daily downpours mean that not much construction is happening, so there’s no progress to report.  Ugh.

Between the debris out in the yard, and my reluctance to be out there, the tomatoes and peppers are looking a little sad, so I haven’t taken any photos of them lately.  We started with 12 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants, and when I checked them yesterday we were down to 6 of each.  Sigh.

But – the raspberries are starting to come in.

The container herbs (which formerly hung off the back porch, and are now officially displaced and always in the way) are doing spectacularly.

And one of the hostas Larry planted has a little bloom.

So things aren’t all bad around the house.

We didn’t do anything big this weekend.  We had lunch outside yesterday, at least.

That was about the extent of things, and even that seemed like a major accomplishment – we’ve been in this daily thunderstorm weather pattern most of the month, and they say we’ve got at least another few days of it.  I’m hoping that it’ll clear up by the weekend, and that will in turn make the contractor show up and get things moving along again.  I want my outdoor spaces back, darnit!

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