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June 20, 2008

Yesterday our city’s little farmers market started up again, and I finally got to go (I never made it at all last year).  I can’t compare this year’s vendors to last’s, nor the full assortment against what was left at 5:30 (they start at 1), but I was pretty happy with the assortment.

A bakery had a big assortment of breads; most were sold out by the time I got there, but I tried a sample of their Black Bean bread and I was blown away.  It takes like nachos!  I had to buy a loaf.

I missed the strawberries and most of the greens from the farm stand, but they still had some English peas and some nice (hothouse) tomatoes, so I picked up some of each.  English peas with a little butter, parmesan and pasta – now that’s living.

After the farmer’s market I headed home to an empty house.  The Peep spent the afternoon with Larry’s mom, and she was kind enough to feed him and Larry dinner before driving them home (such service!).  I took advantage of the time by doing next to nothing;  I brought a glass of wine up to the verandah and just sat in the late afternoon sun for a while.

At the moment we have no plans for the weekend; I’m looking forward to just puttering around the house.

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