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June 18, 2008

I ripped up the snow pea vines, and picked the baby lettuce and spinach out of their little plot yesterday; the back steps are halfway done!

I got enough for a couple of nights’ worth of salads.

I don’t think I’m going to do any other rounds of greens this summer; although they do just fine in containers, there isn’t anyplace I can put them that’ll give them enough shade this late in the season.  Ah well, better luck next year.  Or maybe I’ll give them a go in September/October; from what I understand they thrive in fall weather and will last right up until frost.  We’ll see.

The Peep did peepee in the potty again yesterday afternoon, I think the benefits of our half-assed parenting
following the “they’ll do it when they’re ready” school of potty training will pay off nicely – and hopefully before the end of summer.  Shorts are a lot easier to take on and off 37 times, you see.

We celebrated by buying our first pack of pull-ups.

Oh, and I started a new project on Monday night.

These are the Shifty pattern, from Anne Hanson. The pattern itself is designed for self-striping yarn, and is well-written, clear and easy to remember; I just wish I’d chosen a different yarn.

Or, more accurately, that I’d learn how to set up sock knitting to get stripes rather than swirls. sigh.

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