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June 16, 2008

On Saturday we took the Peep to see his favorite train in the whole world. Up close and personal (for a small fee, of course)

He was thrilled to see the trains (we took a ride on Thomas and everything). He was not quite as thrilled with the character tie-in.

The place is a former train museum, and has a bunch of amusement park rides (ferris wheel, carousel, little planes, etc), but he didn’t want any part of any of them. He had a good time on the non-moving attractions, though.

Since Sunday was Father’s Day, we let Larry sleep in until the decadent hour of 9am before we woke him up with coffee and presents. I fried up some of that bacon for breakfast.

Soo, the bacon. This was thick-cut, dry-cured stuff. In the one-pound package, there were 12 slices. I froze up four, and fried up the other eight. I’ve always cooked bacon by starting with a cold skillet;but with these thick slices, I could only get four into the pan at a time, so I had to cook them in batches.

Here are the batches, in order of appearance:

The first batch is there on the top. As you can see they’re definitely cooked, but there’s still a little pink to the meat, and they’re crisp, but not crunchy – there’s still a little resistance when you bite into it.

The second batch went into the hot skillet (admittedly I probably should have poured out the fat and let the pan cool a bit between batches). Even though I removed them from the pan sooner, so they had less cooking time than the first batch, they are a little overdone, and beyond crispy; biting into them caused them to shatter.

Lesson learned: when cooking large quantities of bacon, either use two pans or let the pan cool off between batches. Or use a griddle – I wish I’d thought to use the griddle!

Sunday was an all-around lounge day. I made a trip to the grocery store, but that was as far as any of us went. It rained off and on all day, which made it perfect weather for being lazy. Larry and the Peep took a long Father’s Day nap, and I finished up the Clapotis just before dinner.

All in all, it took me a little less than three weeks. I added two extra row repeats to make it a little longer; it’s roughly 60 inches long by about 18 inches wide, give or take. I did not and will not block this, I really like the springy-ness of it the way it is.

All in all, a great weekend and a lovely Father’s Day in our house.

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