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June 13, 2008

Last night was my Guild’s last meeting before summer break; we have a potluck and then an auction.  I left the house with a bowl of spinach salad and this:

A whole bag of yarn to donate to the auction (proceeds of which go towards guest speakers, etc., for next year’s meetings).

Three hours later I came home with a little bit of spinach salad and this:

Four balls of sport/sock yarn, seven skeins of Mission Falls wool, and two (out-of-print) knitting books.  Pretty respectable for $11, don’t you think?

The porch is just about finished; a little trim to be added, a coat of sky-blue paint applied to the ceiling, and that’s about it.

You can see the new color there next to the front door; it’s a nice slatey blue-grey.  After that’s done (or maybe before, I have no idea of the logical order of these things), they’ll install the gates and the new back stairs, and then we’ll be all done.

Until next year – when you own an old house, there’s always renovations on tap for next year.

We’ve got a chock-full busy weekend planned; come back on Monday and hear all about it.

Have a good weekend, and Happy Father’s Day where applicable.

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