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June 5, 2008

I seamed up the raglans on the sweater last night.  I’m hoping to get the sleeves seamed tonight, and maybe the sides too.  It’s supposed to get up into the 90’s over the weekend, and stay there for a few days, and I don’t want to be sweating over a wool sweater in weather like that.  On the other hand, the raglans took me two hours to sew up, and after the sleeves and sides there’s still the hemming, so we’ll see how things go.

Since I ran a little short with the yarn, I’m using tapestry wool for the seaming for the first time.  And I’m here to tell you, this will not be the last time I use it for finishing.  It’s an absolute dream compared to seaming with yarn – it runs smoothly through the stitches, tightens up evenly and easily, and is way less bulky than the yarn would have been.

Sewing the two raglans took less than half of one packet of DMC wool – which, at 35 cents a packet, is well worth the extra trip to the craft store.  Seems that there are about a zillion colors of the stuff too, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a color that will match.

So there’s my public service message of the week.

Beyond that, Top Chef ended in a stunner last night.  I can’t believe Antonia was voted off!  I absolutely loved her personality, her ethic, and her food.  Admittedly, she made a couple of boneheaded mistakes last night, but still.  Stephanie is getting my vote to win it all; we’ll see if I’m right next week.

And on a related foodie note, last night we had a bacon chocolate bar after dinner.

You read that correctly.

Larry was diagnosed with high cholesterol several months ago, and since then he’s been pretty much off bacon.  Oh, we’ve tried turkey bacon, and it is better than nothing, but it’s just not the same thing.

Well, he got the results from his latest blood test recently, and he’s lowered his cholesterol by nearly 70 points.  Yay!

So for Father’s Day I ordered him a pound of artisanal dry-cured bacon (don’t worry, he already knows all about it).  Because he deserves a treat sometimes, too, and if you’re gonna only have bacon every couple of months it should be the best bacon you can get.  He’s well worth it, trust me.

Anyway, while I was on the website ordering the bacon, I saw the blurb about the chocolate, and thought “hmm”.  I’m a big fan of the salty-sweet thing; I can’t eat Oreo’s without having pretzels on the side.  And Salty-Sweet-Smoky sounded even better than Salty-Sweet.

So I ordered one.  And we split part of it last night.

This is not a mindless snack by any means.  For one thing, it’s a bit pricey.  For another, the flavors are pretty intense:  smoky bacon.  sweet, smooth chocolate.   all at the same time.  This isn’t a candy bar you toss into your purse for a snack while you’re running errands.  This thing should be served on a white plate, with a glass of red wine.

Hmm, I wish I’d thought of that last night.  I think will give that combination a whirl tonight.

You can smell the bacon the minute you unwrap the thing, so the whole experience starts even before you take a bite.  The bar is spiked with little pieces of bacon, and there’s some smoked salt in there to boot.  Quite honestly, it was a bit much to wrap my head around.

But it was pretty freaking good.

They use milk chocolate, which was a bit of a surprise; I would have expected it to be dark chocolate, or at least bittersweet.  Maybe they thought there wouldn’t be enough contrasting flavors unless they went with milk.

Hmmm.  That is another idea that may be worth a little investigating.  Because it wouldn’t be good for Larry to eat that whole pound of bacon by himself, right?

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