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June 4, 2008

I started seaming up the sweater last night, but once I got to the top of the first raglan I realized I was off by an inch, so I ripped it out and put it in a time-out for the night.  I’ll get back to it tonight.

The clapotis is just chugging along, though.

It’s admittedly difficult to visualize from these photos, but you’re knitting in one direction, and those ladders are running slightly askew.  You create one of those ladders every 12 rows, and eventually they span the entire wrap.  You can sort of see lines running down the piece in this photo – each of those will eventually be a ladder.

In the garden, the indigo has begun to bloom.

It seems like we might get flowers from the peonies for the first time since we moved in.  Which makes them a good candidate to move to the front yard this fall.

The roses are coming in, too.  I’m still not crazy about them – I don’t think they get enough sun where they are, and they sure don’t get the expert attention they deserve – but they look better than ever this year, even when they’re surrounded by construction materials.

The lettuce, spinach, and snow peas are coming right along too.

Which is a bummer, because this bed isn’t long for the world; as part of the construction we’re adding a flight of steps from the back porch out to the backyard right there.   You wouldn’t think that was a revolutionary concept, but the current steps on the back porch point to the street, so you have to walk down the stairs and all the way around the porch to get to the backyard – not the best route when you’re carrying food to/from the grill and/or are wrangling a toddler.  I might plant more lettuce and spinach in a container, and I can get a salad or two out of the baby greens that are there now, but the snow peas are doomed.

The salvia in the front yard is already several inches taller than it ever got last year, which is fabulous.

My grand scheme of having all red and purple flowers in the front yard is slowly coming to fruition, tee hee.  The container there on the left has red sage and purple pansies, and is one of a pair that belong at the top of the front steps when there is no construction going on.

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