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May 9, 2008

Still pretty boring around here, although I had a great time at my Guild meeting (I always do). I finished knitting the back section proper, and have only the hem facing to finish – I think it’s a total of 14 rows, I should be able to knock that out tonight.

Then it’s on to the sleeve/front section. Which I’m looking forward to with a mix of anticipation and dread. The thing’s very cleverly constructed, you see. You work the sleeve from the wrist to the shoulder in a pretty normal way. Then when you get to the top you bind off the part of the sleeve that’ll face the back, and you increase the stitches on the other half. Another couple of rows and you increase again, and so on and so on, until you’ve knit up a whole front half. Crazy, right?

But knitting aside, we’ve got a lot going on this month.

I have a knitting class next Saturday morning, and then in the afternoon we’re going on a road trip to the Webs Tent Sale. Although it’s a scant 100 miles from here, I’ve never been to Webs*.

So to Webs we shall go. I’m dragging Larry and the Peep along, because last year they had animals too, and I think the Peep would dig that (plus it might distract them for a bit while I’m laughing maniacally amidst all that yarn). After Webs we’re going to stop at the Dr. Seuss Memorial, a few towns away.

Memorial Day weekend is blessedly engagement-free, and we’re hoping to get the vegetable garden squared away, and generally putter around the house.

The weekend after, we’re going to one of our favorite places. Only for an overnight, but it’ll be great to get away, and I can’t wait to introduce the Peep to the place, and vice versa.

As for this weekend, no plans beyond the usual errands, housework, blah blah blah. Although I have hopes of doing as little as possible for at least part of the day on Sunday, being Mother’s day and all…

Whatever your plans are, have a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day!

*For non-knitters: that’s a bit like saying you had a winning lottery ticket in your pocket but never bothered to cash it in.

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  1. May 9, 2008 2:07 pm

    You have a great weekend too. You can always hit Yankee Candle on your Webs field trip. The Peep would like it there!

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