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May 5, 2008

After a certain somebody’s stunts last week, we thought we’d better reconfigure things in the living room over the weekend.  Partly so no one kills themselves, and partly because there’s just too much junk in there.

So on Saturday morning we decided to move one of the armchairs up into the bedroom.  We

Forty-five minutes later, after moving the furniture around upstairs to make space, and talking about the options in the livingroom once the chair was gone, we decided against moving the chair upstairs…mainly because it’s three inches wider than the stairwell, and got pretty well stuck midway.

Upon revisiting the situation, we thought there were two or things we could move around, and still have a good bit of space in the living room.  Of course, by then I’d really gotten hold of the idea of having an armchair in the bedroom, so I poked around online to see whether I could find a compact chair at all.  We had a family dinner to go to Saturday night (Happy Birthday again, Lynn!), so we agreed to sleep on the idea.

On Sunday there was a smallish club chair advertised in the T@rget flyer, which seemed like serendipity.   After getting it home, I discovered that the bedroom furniture is neither as small or as adaptable as I’d thought, and re-discovered that there are a number of architectural limitations in that room.  Namely a large radiator, a slanting wall, and an oddly-shaped entry.  Great.

I spent most of the afternoon playing a shell game with the furniture up there, while Larry was on Peepwatch the whole time (granted, they napped through some of it).

Around five I stopped to cook.  I made an apple-strawberry-rhubarb crisp (once a year without fail I fall into the rhubarb trap) and baked ravioli for dinner.  Even after amping up the sugar to compensate for the rhubarb, it was still pretty tart, but with a hoodsie plopped on top, it was still pretty yummy.  As for the baked ravioli, it never misses.

After dinner the Peep had a bath while I sat in the bedroom, pondering the furniture arrangement again.  Then, while he and Larry were watching television, I moved everything around again.

I just might move things around tonight, too.

Is it any wonder that not much knitting, and zero knitting photography, took place?

I did take a few photos on Saturday, though…

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