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April 23, 2008

We met with a financial planner last night.

It was both terrifying, horrifying, and a relief.

Terrifying partly because we haven’t been making good use of the opportunities that present themselves to us (401k and company matching wise, as well as being smart about taxes, among other things).

Horrifying because there are any number of things we haven’t thought about (estate planning, wills, etc).

A relief because there seem to be reasonably easy ways to rectify the above, and some painless ways where we can make adjustments to (a) increase our monthly cash flow, and (b) allow us to put things aside more intelligently.

Even better, all of these plans will be set up to happen automatically, since we obviously are no good at doing them ourselves.

Becoming a responsible adult without the burden of having to grow up.  Pretty nifty…

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