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April 21, 2008

Yeah, so it wasn’t until early Saturday afternoon that I started feeling vaguely human.

Larry started feeling lousy Friday afternoon himself, so his mother graciously took the Peep over to her house for the night  – partly so he would stay germ-free, and partly because neither of us were up to taking care of him.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Thank Goodness For Nearby Relatives!

Saturday afternoon we did a little yard work – a little raking, Larry brought the grill out of the garage, and I trimmed the dead growth from the perennial salvia and indigo.  Saturday night was family dinner for Larry’s brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday again Rob!).

On Sunday we went to the garden center and bought some container plants for the front steps (annual salvia and some pansies), two container shrubs for the verandah (dwarf spiraea), some herbs for the window box we mounted on the backporch railing, and two blackberry canes that we planted in with the raspberries.

So far, so good.  Each of the three indigo plants has between 10-20 shoots, which is great.  The salvia is leafing out nicely, and we are up to something like 21 raspberry canes, from the 12 we planted last year.  21 that are sprouting, at least; I seem to remember that some of them are fallbearing, so I doubt they’re doing much yet; maybe we’ll get even more as the season goes on.

Next week I plan to clean up the beds where the cukes and zukes were last year, and plant beans, snow peas, and lettuce and spinach there.  Sounds like a lot in one small plot, I know, but I have a plan.  (More on that next week.)

Also on Sunday, we pulled out the new buzzers and gave the Peep a haircut.  He didn’t like it, but he didn’t kick up nearly as much of a fuss as he has in the salons.  Plus it went pretty quickly, he had a lollipop, and he went straight into the tub, so the trauma was really minimized.

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