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April 15, 2008

Today was our town’s semi-annual street-sweeping day, so that was the highlight of our morning.  The Peep and I walked up and down the block waiting waiting waiting for the street sweepers.  When they finally arrived, the Peep clapped and waved at the driver.  Twenty minutes of anticipation for a five-minute event, but he loved it.

Shortly thereafter he fell backwards off the couch like Jacques Cousteau off the Calypso.  He cried himself out, and promptly fell asleep.  This was actually a problem, since he had a doctor’s appointment at 1 and it was 11:45 at the time.  I let him sleep til 12:15, then woke him up and made him eat lunch.

We’re lucky that the doctor’s office is a five-minute walk from the house.  Into the stroller he went, and we were off.

He was a HOLY TERROR at the doctor’s office.  Screamed and thrashed around so badly that the nurse couldn’t get an accurate measurement of his height or his weight, so now we have to go back in three months just for that.

By the time the doctor made her appearance, he had calmed down and allowed her to examine him – which I chalk up 100% to the fact that we got him a doctor’s kit a while ago and have been practicing playing at checking his ears, listening to his heart, etc.  I never even thought that the scale or growth chart would freak him out, or else I would have added that to the routine.

But lordy, it was embarrassing!

By the time the examination was all over, he was all smiles, even shook the doctor’s hand on the way out.  Unbelievable.  We stopped by the park on the way home, and he ran himself ragged for a bit.  I’d been hoping he’d take another nap, but so far (it’s just after 3) no dice.

Good thing he’s so stinking cute, eh?

Although on occasion I’ve used that exact phrase in that exact context, talking about my husband.

By the way, here’s where we stand with the blanket; not quite 1/4 of the way through.  It’ll be stroller-sized, about 2 1/2 x 3 feet.

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