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April 14, 2008

We woke up on Saturday to see sunshine pouring in the window, and quickly decided to take advantage and “get all the errands done before the rain starts”. Ha. For all that the forecast called for rainy-windy-cold weather, the weekend was actually pretty nice. It didn’t rain until late in the afternoon on Saturday, and I don’t think it rained at all on Sunday.

So, we took the Peep to the library on Saturday. This kid loves the library for some reason, I’m not sure why. They do have a dedicated toddler’s area within the children’s area, but he’s not really interested in the books (which is for the best really, since he’s been known to tear pages out). They only have two toys (a dollhouse and one of those bead-coaster things), so it’s not really a play area. I think it’s just because it’s an open space where he can run around for a few minutes. When we go to the library as a family Larry is on Peep duty while I browse around.

Then we went to Best Buy. The Peep loves it here too (it was one of the first store signs he recognized), I think for the same reason – an open space where he can run around. When we go to Best Buy as a family I am on Peep duty while Larry browses around.

And if that doesn’t just sum up our family, I don’t know what does.

We ran another few errands, and then back to the house we went. Until recently, when Larry and the Peep take their nap, I’d run around the house like a fiend trying to get everything done; then, when they woke up, I’d be fried and they’d be raring to go. This weekend, and until further notice, I have revised my naptime policy: when they sleep, I relax – I can read, or watch television, or knit, or even nap myself – no more work. The work will still be there when naptime ends, and at least this way I could (conceivably) get some help in getting things done. I tried this out yesterday, and it worked wonderfully.

Oh, I finished the mitts for my brother on Friday night:

I modified the pattern to fit his massive ham-hands by adding (I think) four or five extra rows. I also added an inch of stitches to each row, but in retrospect they didn’t need that. If anything they’re a little too long, but ah well. He says this way he’s got the option of folding them up to give his fingers some room, or folding them down to keep them warm, so no worries.

I also started the baby blanket, but shamefully I forgot to take photos. I’ll take some tomorrow when I’m at home.

I remembered to take some photos of you-know-who, at least…

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