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April 10, 2008

Yesterday passed in a blur of numbers and letters; I was in the special circle of hell reserved for people who manipulate data for a living.  Blech.

Not only was I outside only long enough to walk to and from the car, I didn’t even register that spring has sprung here at last.  I noticed it this morning, though.  The sun is out, I was too warm in my winter coat, and I didn’t want to listen to any of my podcasts – I needed a little springtime driving music.  The Lemonheads are on my iPod, and they are one of my all-time springtime driving favorites; that hit the spot nicely.

(Matthew Sweet, Blur, Paul Weller, and the Cranberries round out my top five. Most of the time.).

Speaking of music, I regret to admit that the time has come to cull out some of my CDs.  I have something like 1800 CDs at home (my collection only; Larry has another 600 or so, and there is surprisingly little overlap).  Of those, 300 permanently reside in the big CD-changer; the rest live in boxes in the basement, and the overwhelming majority hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved in three years ago.  It’s time.

Even if I only get rid of a couple hundred of them – even if I only get a buck or two for each – something’s got to give. We need the space, and the cash won’t hurt either.

I guess I must be growing up.

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