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April 4, 2008

Last night Larry’s aunt and uncle came to dinner; she is now the proud owner of a Ripple Shawl, formerly known as the semi-secret project.

Before I get to the knitty gritty details, here’s the backstory:

Auntie was diagnosed with lung cancer last November. After some surgery, it was determined that a one-two punch of chemo and radiation was in order.

You know how, when you get news like this, you want to do something? Something that will help, or something that will take their minds off things, or something. Anything, really.

So of course I wanted to knit her something. So online I go to find out what color is for lung cancer. Pink is for lung cancer, you know? All the cancers have colors, it turns out. And for lung cancer, the color is ‘pearl’.


What color is pearl, you ask?  Yeah, so did I.  I was thinking a soft grey, maybe something in the ivory family. But Auntie is a purple girl, so I wanted to spin it off into the lilac family.

So then, what yarn? My first stop was Webs’ site; I searched for “pearl” just for fun.

And isn’t there a Jaeger colorway called ‘Pearl’? And isn’t it lilac?

And – here’s where it gets crazy – DON’T I ALREADY HAVE IT IN MY STASH?

Yup, I’d bought it last summer, when I was getting ready to make some baby stuff for Larry’s sister’s (at the time, unknown gendered) baby. The photo online looks decidedly grey, which I though would be a nice neutral color. By the time the yarn arrived, we’d learned the baby was a boy, and the yarn was decidedly not neutral, and not at all boyish. So it went into the depths of the stash, for a project to be named later.

So there it was. I did a little online poking for a pattern, and thought a wrap would be just the thing. The last few days of finishing my Christmas knitting, I knew that this would be my next project, and that I might even get it done before Auntie started chemo.

Then of course I broke my wrist. The best laid plans and all that.

But at last, I finished it on Monday, and gave it to her last night. I meant to take some photos of her wearing it, but alas, we got to talking and then forgot all about it.


Auntie starts the radiation in a couple of weeks; she looks great, feels great, and has even been managing to work part time for the past several weeks.  She is an absolute marvel, and makes me feel like a total heel for complaining about how tired I am.And as for the wrap, she loves it, and I’m just happy that I finally managed to give her something to get her through this whole ordeal.

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  1. April 4, 2008 11:03 am

    i saw on your sidebar the pic of i knit so i dont kill people, is that available to put on my blog?
    Love your blog, and all your stuff is Gorgeous!

  2. April 6, 2008 4:16 pm

    pretty pretty pretty…as always ; )

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