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March 25, 2008

Of course the kitchen is still in shambles – don’t tell me you’re surprised…

This is bad enough, right? But then we found evidence of, um, uninvited guests in the cabinets over the weekend. So we had to pull everything out of the cabinets to find the point of entry. And then plug up said point of entry. Which Larry did, using a double-whammy of Liquid Nails and corner moldings.


Unfortunately, Liquid Nails comes with a double-whammy of its own: a lingering smell and a long dry time. So all the stuff that used to live in the cabinet is currently residing in an assortment of boxes, baskets, and general piles on the table and the other countertop.Ugh.

I’m hoping to get the cabinet squared away tonight. As for the dishwasher, who knows?

On the plus side, the snowdrops are up!


Spring can’t be too far behind.

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