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March 6, 2008

It’s such a nice sunny day here today, I went so far as to take a walk at lunchtime.  (Of course, that walk was to pick up Chinese takeout, but still – yay fresh air and exercise!)

I’ve got a big-time case of fidgets today…  Can’t sit still, can’t focus on anything, etc.  I’m not sure why, either – it’s not like I got a great night’s sleep or anything, what with the Project Runway finale and all last night.

I just looked at the family calendar for next week and realized that we have things going on 3 of the 5 weeknights (okay, one of those ‘things’ is the premiere of Top Chef…hey, it’s appointment television for me).

Which means that I’d better be as efficient next week as I’ve been this week.  I don’t think you’d be able to find a bookie who’d be willing to take bets on that. . .

On the knitting front, I’m just about to finish the baby blanket; there’s about two inches to go and then a quick seam.  Hooray!  I’ll do my damndest to take a post a photo tomorrow, since it seems that we aren’t going to have any natural sunlight for a while after that.

Then it’s back to the semi-secret project until it’s finished.  No excuses, no distractions.

Except for my travelling project, of course.

And dreaming about springtime knitting…

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