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March 5, 2008

My crazy-productive yesterday continued well into the evening:

  • While the Peep napped, I cut up the vegetables and chicken for dinner.
  • We picked up Larry at work, and went to the party store to buy supplies for the Peep’s birthday party.
  • We were home by 6, and eating dinner by 6:20. (You can’t beat stir-fry for a quick meal.)
  • I did the dishes while Larry and the Peep played fireman.
  • I put away the laundry while Larry gave the Peep a bath.
  • I even did some knitting, and am almost finished with section 11 of the blanket.

Of course, nothing in life is free, and there was a price to pay for all that harmonious efficiency…

  • The Peep did not – WOULD NOT – go to sleep until after 10.  Since Mommy was ready for bed by 9, that was not fun.
  • We all woke up late this morning.
  • When I took tonight’s dinner out of the fridge to put into the crockpot, I saw that its juices had leaked all over the shelf, so I had to stop everything and clean that up.
  • Then my mother got to the house late, so I left the house late.
  • As I was walking out the door I noticed a stain on my shirt. Before I had even eaten or drunk (I always want to say dranken) anything!

Which means that the world is spinning properly on its axis again, and order in the universe has been restored…

And that I probably won’t do the dishes tonight.

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