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March 3, 2008

I’m midway through section 10 of the round baby blanket, and really hope to have it finished sometime this week. Here’s a photo of it at the end of section 9:


Sorry for the lack of a flat surface that was clean and dry and in natural light. But you get the idea of the construction this way, at least.

The second yarn delivery arrived on Friday:


Crazy colors, to be sure. All the more so when you see them in person and realize that the solid color is more of an aqua-turquoisey blue. These two colorways will be used together to make a pair of these little babies:


Pattern and image from purlsoho.

I actually suspect I might have enough of each color to make two pairs, in contrasting colors.I was struck by a fit of startitis on Saturday, which in my case can only be counteracted by swatching. I swatched for two other projects, neither of which were the slippers.

First, a long-overdue birthday present:


Pattern and image from knitty

It uses the same size needles as the baby blanket. So I tried to use my old and now rarely used short circulars, but found that the cable is stiff as all get-out; I am officially spoiled by my Options set now. I ordered a second pair of tips in my top 3 circular sizes this morning; ergo, the hat will now have to wait until either the tips arrive or the blanket is finished, whichever comes first. On the plus side, winter is almost over (I hope I just didn’t jinx things by saying that), and the requestor’s birthday isn’t until November, so there isn’t an immediate need for this anymore.

The second project is for the Peep:


Pattern from Charmed Knits. Photo from sandyknits‘ Ravelry account.

I was having the taxes done on Sunday afternoon, and since my father and I had back to back appointments, I knew we would be going together; that meant I had some mandatory sit-still time.  So I brought this with me.  It’s simple as anything: garter stitch for 6 1/2 inches; the adorability comes in the finishing.

I think I’m about 2 inches into it after yesterday, and this is now my traveling project, so I will probably wrap it up pretty quickly.

And although one would think I’d be heartily sick of garter stitch by now, much less blue garter stitch, I am making it in blue – possibly without a stripes, I haven’t decided about that yet.

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