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February 25, 2008

So, my weekend did not go remotely as planned. It was not better, not worse; just different.

Like I said, Larry and I stayed home on Friday. After deciding to stay home, the biggest question was “what will we have for dinner?”. We had some pizza dough in the fridge, so it was an easy call – Larry makes great homemade pizza (his grilled pizza is nothing short of spectacular, but even his oven pizza is very good). I got some work done in the morning, while Larry took the Peep out to play in the snow.


Then they both took a nap. Since my office shut down at 3, I did not feel guilty about taking out the knitting while they were sleeping.

I almost started yet another project, but then decided that would be a bit much, even for me. I mean, I have three projects on the needles now, four wouldn’t do me any good. So I gave some attention to the projects that gets the least amount of attention these days: my Widdershins. I’ve been bringing it with me to work for craft lunch every week, but beyond that it gets no time. And since I was just about at the point of turning the heel, I thought I’d get that out of the way at home, and then be able to merrily work up the leg during craft lunch.


I somehow miscounted the stitches midway up the heel gusset. By the time I noticed it, I was an inch past the mistake. “Screw it”, said I, “it’s on the sole, no one will ever see it”. I added a stitch and moved on. Then during the turning proper, I was off another stitch (the wrap-and-turn thing always throws me). Again, “no one will ever notice that”. But then I lost count of my rows on the heel flap, and at last I gave in. I ripped the whole thing back to the beginning of the increases and started over.

By then the boys were awake, so I put down the knitting and we made some cookies. We all pitched in; even the Peep.


After cookies and before dinner Larry decided to fire up the snowblower for its maiden voyage. Unfortunately, like the Titanic, the maiden voyage did not go according to plan. He couldn’t get the damned thing started! When the previous owner delivered it to us, we were both at work; he showed my Dad how to operate it. So my Dad had to come over and show Larry how to start it. Okay. By then Larry had been outside for almost an hour. Then once they got it started, the auger wouldn’t turn. And despite what 97 people have told us over the past two days, it was NOT the pin. Anyway, another hour later, they gave up and put the thing away. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s two hours that Larry was outside, without so much as a shovelful of snow being removed.A couple of hours later, our house became a pizza parlor. By the time the first one was eaten up, the second one was ready to come out of the oven.



Saturday was a bright sunny day – and cold. Poor Larry, once again into the breach he went, to face the completely unshoveled stairs, walk, and driveway, that had now had the chance to really get settled in. He tried the snowblower again, but no dice. He shoveled it all out by hand. Which, in fairness, he would have had to do if we didn’t have the snowblower anyway. But something about having the thing sitting idle while he was busting his arse really annoyed both of us, as you might imagine.

(As for me, I was on Peepwatch, and re-knitting the sock heel. I finished the whole heel process, and am now ready to knit up the leg.)

Needless to say, after being outdoors for another few hours, he wasn’t in a partying mood; we decided against going to the engagement party after all. We were figuring on staying home with the Peep, but my mother-in-law wanted to take him anyway – and keep him overnight, even! – so Larry and I had our date night after all.

Which was nothing big whatsoever – Mexican takeout and a movie. We watched “Once“, which if your first exposure to this movie was seeing it win Best Song last night, I hereby charge you to seek it out. It’s great. But it’s nice to be by ourselves once in a while, you know? Plus we got to sleep in Sunday morning. Until 9, which doesn’t sound at all extravagant until you realize that a two-year-old doesn’t understand the concept of “weekends” and wakes up at 7 every single day.

We spent most of the day cleaning the house, again. I’m caught up on laundry! Hooray! And dishes! Hooray! Since company is supposed to be coming again this week, it is all very tidy right now. Of course, this is the third time we’ve tried to do this midweek dinner thing with these folks, so if it doesn’t pan out this time, I’m not cleaning up for them ever again. Consider yourselves warned…

By about noontime, though, I was missing my Peep a lot. I think it’s gonna be a long while before he stays overnight anywhere again; the house is too quiet for too long without him around.

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