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February 15, 2008

The bulb did indeed arrive yesterday; our house has returned to its regular state of chaotic normalcy.

As for Valentine’s Day, we find it almost as annoying as New Year’s Eve – such hype! such expectations! such crowds! – are you surprised to learn that we stayed in?

I didn’t even go to my Guild meeting; we don’t go crazy with Valentine’s Day, but if I ignored it altogether I stand to never get any presents ever again. Right? I didn’t want to risk it. 🙂

I got Larry the shirt he’s been eyeing. He got me some new perfume, which was a little iffy considering I’ve been wearing the same perfume for the past 15 years (literally). But I really like it! We got the Peep a doctor’s kit, thinking that might get him over his abject terror at going to the doctor’s.

We made lobster tails and steak for dinner, dark chocolate cupcakes (from Trader Joe’s freezer to ours) for dessert. The Peep is a bit of a chocolate fiend, like his mama.


He’s not as messy as usual because he didn’t want to waste any chocolate, hahaha.

We have no big plans for the weekend, which is fine with me; the next three weekends are already booked up, so I’m quite happy to stay close to home. And try to get some knitting done.

We have Monday off, but I will try to post at some point over the weekend, especially if I get a knitting project (any knitting project) finished.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jess permalink
    February 15, 2008 1:50 pm

    So glad the bulb finally arrived! 🙂

  2. February 16, 2008 6:17 pm

    Like the new header! We do VD small scale as well..that’s the sweetest way, IMO.

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