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February 11, 2008

We went to IKEA after all. I am in the throes of my semi-annual “I can’t take this clutter anymore!” kick, so I wanted a bookcase a hutch a storage system something to straighten up this part of the kitchen:


To the left of that spot is the back hall and the back door. To the right, the pantry. The spot itself is right at the end of the kitchen, in full view at all times. My cookbook collection has outgrown that little bookcase, and has started to make inroads in the pantry. Half of those plants are dead, and the other half need pruning. All of them are outdoor plants that we bring indoors for the winter. And you can just make out our seed trays, which we’ll need in a week or two when we start the seedlings.In short, some straightening up was in order.

So we went to IKEA, and $60 later, we’ve got this:


Told you I have a lot of cookbooks!We plan to get a piece of plywood to put on the top, spanning both pieces. Those plastic storage containers are only there temporarily, while I figure out what else to use these shelves for. We will likely put the seed trays back on top once we get the seeds going.

But I think it looks a lot more “together”, don’t you?

We also got a small bookcase for the bedroom, because clutter was taking over up there as well. I put my knitting books on the bottom shelf, and was absolutely gobsmacked to find out that they used up the whole (two-foot) shelf. That doesn’t count the magazines or the printed patterns, either. That’s what I get for collecting them all together, I guess – up til now, some were downstairs in the living room, some were in the bedroom, one or two were in the kitchen.

The Peep just goes with the flow through all our dorky projects…


On the knitting side, I didn’t get as far with the baby blanket as I’d hoped.


I worked on it after I took this photo, and finished the fifth piece. So I’m still not quite halfway through, but I will officially start the baby shower knitting tonight nonetheless. I worked up a test swatch for it on Saturday, but that doesn’t count as starting, in my book.


Like everybody else in New England, the Peep is over the Patriots, and is ready for spring training to begin. Go Red Sox!

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  1. February 11, 2008 6:59 pm

    I looooooooove IKEA. The closest one to us is two hours and a whole other country away, but we go once a year. Love it. And the shelf looks fabulous!!

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