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February 7, 2008

Last night after dinner we turned on the television in the living room, and heard a weird crackly sound.  And got no picture.

The bulb has burned out.

Not the tube, mind you; these high-tech DLP televisions don’t have such things as tubes.   It’s a bulb that projects onto a mirror that projects the pictures on televisions like ours.

Larry was cranky, to say the least.  Huffing and puffing that “these bulbs are supposed to last 6,000 hours”.  I did a little quick math, based on the assumption that the television has been on roughly 8 hours a day since the Peep was born (my mother watches him at our house, as I have mentioned before).   Needless to say, that is assumption is conservative at best.

Anyway, 8 hours a day x 50 weeks a year (pretending we take two weeks of vacation a year) =  2,800 hours a year.  Since we’ve had that television for two and a half years, let’s call it 7,000 hours of use, and consider ourselves lucky.

Also lucky is that these bulbs are inexpensive in relation to the cost of a new television, and easily installed by a non-expert.  We ordered it online last night, and it should arrive by Friday.

So Larry and the Peep watched their evening television upstairs in the no-maam room (also known as the men’s den, it is the spare bedroom where there are, among other things, a computer, a big old 32″ television, and four or five different videogame systems).

As for me, I was in the bedroom knitting with the television off (bliss!) until 10, at which point the knitting was put away and the television got tuned in to “Project Runway”.

I’ve come to realize that time is starting to work against me again, and if I have a prayer of getting any knitting done in time for my friend’s baby shower on March 8th, I’d best get moving.  So I think the already-here baby blanket is going to be put on hold for a week or so while I knock out some baby shower knitting.

I’m really starting to dislike all this commitment knitting I’ve set myself up for, by the way.  After these three that are in progress, no more I swear!

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